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Frequently Asked Questions


Here's a list of questions that may be helpful in determining if we're a great fit!  If you have other questions, feel free to email me!

I would like to book you, how do I start the process?


You can reach me via my contact page with what you are looking for (wedding, engagement or portrait session). I'm a face-to-face person. If possible, I would love to meet you so we can get to know each other. If you live outside the Fargo area, I do phone dates. Once you've decided that we're a good fit, we will go through a short contract then start planning together. I'm the kind of photographer you will see more than once! After that, you can check "photographer" off your to-do list!



How long have you been taking photos professionally and what is your style?


Short answer: 14 years and close to 150 weddings!

My style is story-telling. I love using creative lighting, angles, and unique locations to bring out my clients personality while telling their love story. Every couple has a style they love. Some couples are traditional while others like urban or rustic settings.


How much do I need to deposit? If we cancel the wedding, will we receive the deposit back? What happens if we change our date?


A $300 deposit is required and the remainder is due 30 days prior to the wedding day. If the wedding is canceled, the deposit is nonrefundable. 

If you decide to change your date, notify me as soon as possible. If the new date is available, the deposit will carry over otherwise the deposit will be nonrefundable. Deposits are used to hold your date and booking another wedding for that date may be difficult. 




What is the role of the second photographer?


The second photographer offers a different perspective and allows us to work efficiently. The second photographer will be available for part of the day. The role of the second photographer is to help assist at certain times and shoot at other times.  As your primary photographer, I use only a portion of the second photographer's photos.




Do you travel?


Yes! I'm based out of Fargo, N.D. but I LOVE to travel and will generally arrrive at least the day before the wedding depending on the location. Here are just some of the big places I've been to: Bismarck (my home town), Jamestown, Grandforks, Pipestone, SD, St. Paul & Minneapolis, Medford, OR. I've been to numerous small towns in ND, SD, and MN. 


What time do we start wedding photos?


I love to help my couples create a schedule of the day. It's the teacher in me. When you have the ceremony/reception time nailed down, we can create a tentative schedule. A week before the wedding, we'll I touch base to make sure we are good to go! Having a schedule is super handy. It keeps us on track and also lets the family know when important photos will happen.


Do you edit the photos? What kind of equipment do you use?


Yes, I do all the editing on professional editing software. Editing takes time. I try my best to make sure nothing is distracting in the photo. I love to edit using color and black & white. I adore B&W photos. The great thing about digital is that it allows me to decide which images will look stunning in B&W, keep in color, or choose a different color preference.

I shoot with the best of two worlds: Canon and Nikon along with a combination of professional lenses and lighting.


How many photos do you give? Can we have all of them?
On a typical wedding day, I will take hundreds of photos, but the majority of those are taken in bursts. I eliminate duplicate images, test shots, or other images that just don't fit. Since every wedding is different and varies in coverage, it's hard to guarantee how many pictures you'll receive. My approach has always been to provide you with a beautiful story of your day, but I do not give all the images taken.


Will you be the one actually shooting our wedding? When will our photos we ready?

Absolutely! I'm your primary photographer. I wouldn’t miss your wedding for anything!  Not even hitting a deer and totaling my vehicle on the way to a wedding in Minnesota! True story.

Photos will generally be ready within 6-8 weeks following the wedding. I go through a careful process of choosing and editing the best images from the day to reflect your love story. If more time is needed, I will keep you in the loop! 


Are you willing to accept a list of "must have" photos?


When you are ready to create the schedule of the day, I ask couples to bring a few must haves. We will discuss where we can fit these ideas in during the day and make them your own. Since the wedding day can be fast paced, I do my best to honor requests.



How do I know you're the right photographer for me?


If you’ve read this far, You've learned a little about me and what a wedding photographer should do for you. The big question you feel like I’m someone you would want to spend a day with? Your wedding photographer is the only vendor who will spend most or all day with you. If the answer is yes or even a maybe, we should find a time to meet and get to know each other better!

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